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We use Design Thinking principles to give an edge to our brands - now & in future. 


Pixel 1920 shall co-create brands by putting creativity at the center of our work.

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At Pixel1920, We assist  agencies enhance digital services by making them more simple, clear, and speedy. Everything we do revolves around people. We're dedicated to making services accessible to everyone, regardless of their ability, everywhere. To accomplish so, we employ plain language and do direct user research. We'll know we're on the right track if we do it this way. Our employees are professionals in their fields and like working on difficult projects. We collaborate to share information and strengthen our ability to improve user experiences. This allows us to work more efficiently and successfully. Our workplace culture is welcoming and encouraging.

Pixel1920 is a subsidiary of Absolin. 

Our Stakeholders are Rebels, Dissenters & Non-Conformists

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